About Us

Pmax is an end to end Training and Development Company.

There has always been a wide gap between the ‘Desired’ quality of Skill Sets and its ‘Actual’ availability to Indian Industry.  In today’s   competitive environment this gap will only grow wider with time.    

There is an urgent requirement of a professionally competent team, ready to embark on the arduous journey to put in concerted and focused effort to hone the Personality skills of the Indian professionals to take their ability to the next level.

 Thus Pmax was founded on 05 Aug 2008 with an aim to maximise the people’s potential to maximise organisation’s productivity and profitability.

Aiming to improve their Potential and Employability because Results are rewarded, efforts are not.

Thus our motto   ‘ Maximising People’s Potential’


Team  Pmax  formulates the customized training  modules  afresh , to meet the specific Training and  Development needs of  every organization.

We are called upon for  customised Training  Workshops  and Outbound  Training .   Our sessions are interactive and packed with activity and energy.

As  no two organizations are same , our sessions are designed to the specific needs of the client.

We have experienced the lead roles in organisations.  So understand Leadership, Team Building, Corporate Communication and Attitude and Self Belief better than others. 


We conduct workshops on ‘Motivation and Personality Development’ of young Managers of Engineering and Management institutes.  

We undertake training in Supervisory Skills, Induction, Fire and Safety .

We also train employees to deal with Work - life balance, Employee Health and Stress Management. 

Other Support Services that we provide

Technical Support

Technical consultation on Design and Development, TQM and TPM, Quality Management System and Supply Chain Management .  

Statutory and Legal

Licensing and Statutory compliance and CSR activities.